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Traditional or electric mountain bike?

Looking for a mountain bike or an e-bike in perfect conditions for a tour on the Dolomites? Our rental shop in Corvara is the best place to find dozens of models: from traditional mountain bikes to electric ones, with pedal assistance. We guarantee quality and stability of all the bikes and have the most recent versions of the market leading brands’ mountain bikes or e-bikes. Our bikes are constantly controlled and updated, in order to guarantee high performance levels. The electric models have Shimano high-tech batteries, which means in a few words: autonomy and longer duration.

You can ride from 60 up to 70 Km nonstop, just with one charge! The helmet is included and for young children you can ask for an optional approved child seat. You can take your bike in the morning or later and give it back at any time: after an hour, a half day or in the next days. Our staff will provide you with route maps of the most spectacular tours, giving you advice on the best way to use your mountain bike. Come and visit our shop at number 70 of Strada Col Alt in Corvara in Badia, or call the number 0039 471 830 977. Book your MTB!


Monday - Sunday
08.30 - 12.00
14.00 - 18.30


Str. Col Alt 70
39033 Corvara Alta Badia


Tel. +39 0471 830 977
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  • Str. Col Alt 70
    39033 Corvara in Badia
  • Tel. +39 0471 830 977
  • caterina@rolmail.net
  • VAT No. 01398020212